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Disadvantaged primary pupils fell further behind in maths during the Pandemic…

Yesterday’s publication of findings from an EEF study, indicate that disadvantaged primary school pupils have fallen further behind their classmates in maths as a likely result of partial school closures during the Pandemic The attainment gap between disadvantaged primary school pupils and their classmates has grown in mathematics by one month since the onset of […]

EEF Blog: Supporting curriculum planning in science

Secondary science teacher and EEF specialist, Dr. Niki Kaiser, introduces new Best Evidence in Science Teaching (BEST) resources designed to support teachers with curriculum planning.  Her full EEF blog can be found here Resources: EEF BEST infographic – Digestion EEF BEST infographic – Forces EEF BEST infographic – The ph Scale

Positive Relationships

Matthew Fuller, headteacher of Woodhall Primary School, one of the CTSN SCITT’s partnership schools, describes how positive relationships matter in a Unity Research School blog… Read how Matthew sees a golden thread of positive relationships tying together the EEF’s recommendations to help schools re-establish an essential characteristic of teaching and learning that has lost its ascendancy […]