Become a training school

We have trainees in more than 100 schools, both primary and secondary across the whole of Cambridgeshire, West Suffolk and North Essex but are always looking for additional schools to work with.

If you would be interested in being part of a trainee’s training journey to becoming a teacher contact us by emailing:

A training school is a stronger school…

“We should always remember the different stages of a teaching career. Having trainees in a school enhances your appreciation of the journey of teaching and how important it is that we support each other to become better practitioners.

Training teachers in your school enables staff to upskill their mentoring and coaching skills as well as observe our children whilst someone else is teaching. CTSN will train your staff to be effective mentors which makes us all better teachers.

I believe it is our duty to support trainees and give back to the system. We were all trainees once – we had the opportunity to train and benefit from more experienced colleagues and this is our chance to help the next generation.”

Lesley Birch
CEO Cambridge Primary Education Trust
Teaching School Council representative for the Eastern Region
Member of the CTSN Strategic Board

Many Benefits

“There are many ways in which Swavesey Village College benefits from working with CTSN SCITT.  First, and most obviously it helps with our recruitment of staff. 

Over the past 3 years we have appointed 12 SCITT trainees, who are all strong practitioners, making a very positive contribution to their departments.

Whilst on placement, we have found that team teaching, with trainees teaching alongside more experienced expert colleagues to be a win-win situation: good for the trainees’ development and for the pupil’s progress too. In addition, trainees bring in a wealth of new ideas, and mentors benefit both from having trainees in the department, and also from the explicit training in mentoring and coaching provided by CTSN.

Furthermore, a number of our staff have worked in the SCITT, as Subject or Personal Tutors, and have come to see their SCITT work as a valuable opportunity for ongoing professional development; in this way the SCITT helps not only with recruitment but with retention too.”

Jim Stavrou
Principal Swavesey Village College

Taught by SCITT trainees

“At Abbots Green we’re proud to have 4/14 classes in our school being taught by SCITT trainees. This brings amazing opportunities for our staff as well as the fantastic students which very quickly become part of our team.  
At the heart our school, we have a strong vision and values.

As we aim to showcase these to our pupils, it is great to see values such as resilience, reflection and noble behaviours growing each day from our student. Our school is proud to develop children as individuals but as part of the teaching hub, we also belief that we develop our staff and students to do so too.

Having worked with CTSN trainees for nearly two years now, since they opened the Bury St Edmunds hub, it has been a privilege to not only welcome trainees into our school, but also develop them into members of staff at the end of this!

As a wider team it has been a valuable tool to enable staff to showcase their strengths but also develop teachers as mentors, and leaders of the future too. As we look beyond this year, focusing on the needs of staff, pupils and trainee teachers it is fundamental  that we remain forward facing; with access to the latest research, teaching techniques and new ideas; we remain committed to high quality learning for all.”

Ang Morrison
Headteacher Abbots Green Academy