Part time

In keeping with the thinking on flexible working, most of the CTSN SCITT training routes are available on a part time basis, spread over two years (although for salaried options, this would also depend on the employing school).

The part time routes are designed to be flexible, built around each trainee’s particular needs.  In essence it would involve exactly the same course as the full time options, but spread over twice the time.


  • In Year 1, Trainees will spend 1.5 days in school, and attend the core training on Fridays.
  • In Year 2, Trainees will send 2.5 days in school, with more occasional training as needed.

The same principle applies to all aspects of the training course. For example, mentor meetings, the key focal point of the school based training, will happen fortnightly for part time trainees; if the school placement for the full time routes is for one term, then for part timers it will be two, etc.  Therefore:

  • Non-salaried part time trainees will be in their first placement school for the first two terms, and then in their main school from Easter of Year 1 until the end of Year 2.
  • Salaried part time trainees will be in their employing school throughout, except for the Summer term in Year 1, which will be in the contrasting school placement.

Some of our popular part time options will already have a UCAS code and so you will be able to apply via UCAS as usual.  If there is another course, currently without a UCAS code, for which you would like to apply, then please contact CTSN SCITT as we should be able to create additional part time options, if needed: (in such cases it might be possible to apply for the full time course and convert it later; but please contact us before doing this).