Our Values

We want our trainees to be dedicated, creative, research engaged, optimistic and professional teachers of the future

Why? - Mission Statement Values that define who we are

Children First (inc Safeguarding): All decisions made, by Tutors, Mentors, schools or trainees, should be geared towards promoting a better education for young people. Keeping everyone safe, whether children, trainees or trainers, is at the very foundation of our community. We aim to treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect.

School-Based: From the beginning of the course, trainees are immersed into the life of a school, learning alongside expert practitioners. Once a week, they attend Core Training, which is taught by a range of expert, practising teachers who help make abstract theory come alive in a ‘classroom-facing’ context.

Locally Grounded: We are a local provider, aiming to make a positive contribution to the education of local children, through the development of high quality, inspirational teachers. A high percentage of our trainee teachers go on to work in local schools.

What? - Core Values that run throughout our training programme

Researched-Engaged: All of our training is based on research into education and learning, and we expect that trainees’ developing classroom practice will be similarly research-engaged. In addition to research-based training, trainees are encouraged to critically engage with research, and develop their own professional knowledge, particularly through action research.

Practically-Focused: All of our training will encourage trainees to make the link between research, professional literature and their own developing practice. Core Training sessions will include both theoretical models and practical modelling of effective learning and teaching strategies.

How? - Process Values that guide our practice

Target-Driven: The complex process of learning to teach is broken down into specific, personalised targets that drive the training forward. The weekly mentor meeting, at which such targets are set and reviewed, is the ‘beating heart’ of our training programme.

Progressively-Sequenced: We aim to ensure there is clear, carefully sequenced, practical, professional learning, organised in sequential steps, following the principles of ‘instructional coaching’.

Quality not Quantity: We believe that it is not about how many hours are taught, but the quality of the planning, assessment and reflection that will help trainees make the best possible progress.