Now Teach launches a new podcast

Now Teach introduces – Now I’m Grown Up – it’s brand new podcast series hosted by Jenni Murray, which will explore the lives and experiences of the top-class professionals trading in the office for the staffroom.

After 33 years hosting Woman’s Hour, Jenni Murray will invites those those career-changers to discuss their motivations and experiences, and tackles some of the big topics in education with an expert-led panel. The Podcasts will explores why chief executives to world-class journalists, are trading in their offices for the classroom. Now I’m Grown Up tackles topics such as the 100-year life and education inequality, as well as looking at the ideas behind a second career in teaching and hearing from the people who’ve done it…

The 100-Year Life: In the first episode of the series, Now Teach co-founderLucy Kellaway, and author of The 100 Year Life, Prof Andrew J Scott, will discuss the economic, psychological, and sociological impacts of our longer modern lives. What does this mean for us, what does it mean for work, and what does it mean for our personal lives?

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