Implementing MARS/EARS in MFL lessons

CTSN SCITT mentor, Lauren O’Donnell from Swavesey Village College discusses the implementation of the MARS/EARS pedagogical cycle, as part of her CTSN/University College London’s Institute of Education: ‘How do we know it works? Leading Change’ research project. In her blog on the CTSN Research website Lauren explains how Pandemic school closures created the time to introduce radical changes, and she felt more confident doing so having undertaken the course.

“Since the introduction of the new MFL GCSE in 2018, language teachers have been searching for the best way to teach the new content heavy curriculum in a meaningful, engaging way. Comparing the content of the new exams to when I did GCSE, I worry that the increased difficulty and the removal of ‘safety measures’ such as coursework make the GCSE inaccessible to already disadvantaged or disengaged students. We had already had success with the new GCSE, but as a department we wanted to build on that success in line with the school’s ethos of quality teaching and achievement for all…”

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