Application process

Applications to CTSN SCITT are made through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), or the DFE Apply system.

Before making your application through either system, it is worth considering the following points:

You will have to write a personal statement to support your application. This should mention why you are interested in becoming a teacher, and what relevant experience you have for the role.

In order to do this, it will help if you are able to visit a school and observe some learning and teaching in action; this will also give you something to talk about should you be called for interview. Please contact CTSN SCITT if you need help in arranging this. If you are not able to arrange to visit schools, have you been able to speak to teachers? Read some teaching articles in the press? Are you sure you know what modern teaching is really like?

You will also need two professional referees; at least one of these ought to be able to comment on your suitability and skills in working with children and one, particularly for secondary, might also deal with your relevant subject qualifications. For recent graduates, it would be useful to have one reference from a university tutor and one from someone who can comment, in a professional capacity, on any school experience that you might have arranged as part of the application process; or from other experiences you have of working with children, preferably in the age range for which you are applying to teach. This might be from some form of youth work, tutoring, or sports coaching, etc. It is very helpful if both of your referees can include the statement “I do not know of any reason why this applicant might be unsuitable to work with children” in their reference.

You will also need to know the correct code for the course/s for which you wish to apply. You can find these on the UCAS/DfE Apply website, but it might be quicker to get the course codes here (see below) before you go apply.

Click here for UCAS applications or here for DfE applications – both will come through to our recruitment team.