Applications & Teaching School Alliances

All applications to CTSN SCITT are made through one of our partner Teaching School Alliances (TSAs).  This is what makes it school centred initial teacher training (SCITT).  

Whichever Teaching School Alliance (TSA) you apply through, is is the same CTSN SCITT training course; the only difference is likely to be your main placement school, as we would try to place a trainee within the TSA through which they applied; (although this is not always possible).

If you are unsure about which Teaching School Alliance(s) to apply through, then the following might help – although, in practice there is no hard dividing line, and each of these TSAs might overlap with others.

One choice or three?

When you apply through UCAS, you have three choices of ITT course.

You can apply to CTSN SCITT through three different teaching school alliances.  

In some respects this might seem like applying for the same course three times, but it does maximise chances of a successful application.  For example, if three candidates all apply only through CASSA, but CASSA has only one place available on a particular course, then only one offer can be made.  If the same three applicants apply through CASSA and two other TSAs, then there is a much greater chance of finding a place for all three applicants.

Of course, it might be that you would prefer to apply to CTSN SCITT alongside other ITT providers.  You are able to do this through UCAS; if you apply through only one of our TSAs, this would leave two other options open to you; or you can apply through two of our TSAs and have one option for an alternative provider.


Interviews / Selection Days

A typical interview / selection day will consist of:

  • teaching 15-20 minutes to a class (Primary) or small group (Secondary) of students;
  • a written task;
  • a basic numeracy diagnostic test;
  • panel interview.

Further details will be sent to applicants when invited for interview.

For practical reasons, whether you apply to CTSN SCITT through one, two or three Teaching School Alliances (TSAs), there will be only one interview/selection day.  Each TSA will try to send a representative to the interview/selection day, although in practice the various TSAs work together closely that they are often happy to take one another’s recommendations.  There will always be someone from CTSN SCITT at each selection day.

If you are applying for a salaried route, then you would need to be approved for BOTH the training programme AND the employing school.  We would try to organise both of these interviews on the same day, but there might need to be an additional interview at the employing school; (NB if you are looing for a Primary salaried route, then you would need to find an employing school before applying to CTSN).

We are now recruiting for two training hubs – in Cambridge and in Bury St Edmunds.  Applicants might be offered an interview in either Cambridge or Bury.  However, if you are interviewed in Cambridge, you might still choose to base your core training in Bury, or vice versa.


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