Career changer, Paul Facer, discusses how a newspaper article inspired him to train to become a maths teacher and reviews what he thinks are the benefits of CTSN SCITT training

What did you do before becoming a trainee teacher?  

I spent over 20 years working for a global professional services company advising banks and insurance companies.  I started in London but spent most of my career having a wonderful time in central and eastern Europe, living first in Prague, Czech Republic and then Bucharest, Romania.

Where did your aspiration to teach come from? 

About four years ago I read an article written by Lucy Kellaway in the Financial Times about the shortage of teachers, especially maths teachers, in the UK.  She was really encouraging experienced professionals to career change into teaching (a path she herself was following).  Having read the article I found I kept thinking about it: how important having a good knowledge of maths is in people’s lives and how damaging a shortage of teachers could be.  So when my family and I decided to relocate back to England to live I thought “if not me, then who?” and took the plunge into a new career in teaching.

What is your favourite thing about training with the CTSN?

I really like the weekly structure of four days in school followed by one day of training.  It means you have the immediate opportunity to put into practice what you learn about in training AND you have the opportunity the following week to ask questions about what went wrong when (as sometimes inevitably happens!) things do not quite work out as planned.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a Maths teacher?  

Do it!  Its not easy, especially if, like me, it has been many (many!) years since you were last in a classroom but you know that the future lives of your pupils will be better if they can understand maths and that makes the work extremely satisfying.